Brandywine Ave Express Makes Quick Work on House Fire in the Borough
By Modena Fire Company
March 6, 2019

On Wednesday evening March 6 2019 the Modena Fire Company was alert at 1847 for a reported dwelling fire at 20 South Brandywine Ave in the borough of Modena. Also on the assignment was Ladder 41, Engine 43, Station 44, Engine 49-5 and 49 RIT.

Modena crews were in route to Thorndale for a joint training when call came in, Engine 37-1 and Engine 37-2 made the immediate response after receiving pulse point and were arriving on scene right after the dispatch went out.

Crews arrived to a 2 ½ story twin with smoke pushing from doors and window and a reported active fire on the rear porch. Battalion 37 (Corle) established South Brandywine command and requested a working fire dispatch, Captain 37 (Reason) took operations and Captain 37A (Lewis) took interior operations on division 1.

The working Fire Dispatch alerted Station 8 for second RIT and Rescue 27, Medic 93 and the fire marshals.

Crews went in service with hand lines made entry through the front door and made a quick knock on the fire, additionally crews started to open up and check for extension, Ladder 41-1 crew arrived and assisted with over haul.

The fire was placed under control at 1857 and held to Modena and Ladder 41-1 the balance was recalled.

Thank you to IrishEyez Photograph for some pictures

Units: Engine 37-1, Engine 37-2, Ambulance 37-1
Mutual Aid: Ladder 41-1,Engine 43-2, Engine 44-5, Rescue 44, Engine 49-5, Ladder 49, Engine 49-2, Ladder 8, Rescue 27, Medic 93, FM's 101 and 104