Abandon Structure Fire in South Coatesville
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
May 28, 2019

On Tuesday morning May 28 2019 at around 0800 the company was dispatched along with mutual aid companies to a reported dwelling fire on Lower Gap Road in South Coatesville.

Immediately after dispatch Ambulance 37-1 arrived reporting a abandon structure in the woods fully involved.

Assistant 37 (Bryant) arrived on scene and took Lower Gap Command, A tanker task force was requested as a backup in case of hydrant issue.

Ladder 41-1 took position on the road in front of the structure followed by Engine 43-1 , Engine 37-1 started to lay 5-inch supply from Birch St after laying their 1500 ft Engine 44-5 completed the lay with an additional 800 ft. The supply line was given to Engine 43 who supplied the ladder, Engine 76 took the hydrant.
Crews then made access paths into the structure and deployed 2 hand lines and the ladder pipe was placed in service.

Once the water supply was established the the tanker task force was returned.

Crews remained on scene until around 1300 hours

Units: Engine 37-1, Engine 37-3, Ambulance 37-1, Traffic 37
Mutual Aid: 41, 43, 76, 44, 49, 35, 31, 8