Serous Accident on Strasburg Road in East Fallowfield
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
May 28, 2019

As crews were returning to the station from the morning structure fire, Chief 37 (Dowlin) received a call on his cell from the East Fallowfield Township Road Crew reporting an accident with entrapment at Strasburg and Beck Roads.

Chief 37 called it in by radio and Engine 37-1, Ambulance 37-1, Squad 37, and Engine 76 all made the immediate response.

Assistant 37 (Bryant) arrived reporting one car in the woods establishing Strasburg Command.

After units arrived crews cut their way into the car that was about 10-15 yards off the road covered in heavy brush, once they made it to the vehicle the occupant was reporting no injuries just couldn’t get out. Crews assisted occupant out of car and out of the woods they were transported to hospital to be checked.

Fire units clear a short time later.

Units: Engine 37-1, Traffic 37, Squad 37, Ambulance 37-1
Mutual Aid: Engine 76