Engine 2 busy trip north
By Captain Billy Lewis
June 4, 2019

At 0310 the Modena Fire Company was dispatched along with Tower 3 (Paoli) to cover the Lionville Fire Company While they operated at a two alarm fire in station 73s area.

After a half hour or so at 47 units were given the assignment to move up to station 73 to cover the surrounding areas. While enroute to 73 a second fire was dispatched to 208 woodland drive in Uwchlan. Engine 37-2 arrived with Assistant and chief 6 and deputy 47 to find a cigarette butt can smoldering in a attached garage as well as a smoke condition in the residence. A water can was used to extinguish the small fire and a positive pressure fan was used to clear the house of smoke and the assignment was held to engine 37-2.

Once Modena units cleared the second reported fire, county fire board asked them to return to station 73 for extended coverage.

Thank you to 73 for the hospitality and best of luck to members from 73 and residents that lived in the fire building.

Units: Engine 37-2
Mutual Aid: Tower 3 (Paoli)