Fire Police Captain Ronnie Himes is Laid to Rest
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
June 21, 2019

On Friday June 21, 2019, The Modena Fire Company laid to rest our Fire Police Captain Ronnie Himes.

The week leading up to this day was a long one of preparation to ensure Ronnie received the send off he much deserved.

Friday morning start much like the rest of the week with heavy rain, thankfully it cleared up just as we arrived at the funeral home, crews quickly toweled off the apparatus to bring back that shine that they worked long and hard on the day before.

At 10am the personnel started providing honor guard during the viewing this was done mainly by Modena personnel however Fire Police Captain Ron Miller and crew from Thorndale took a 10-minute time slot to pay their respects and allow Modena to walk through as a company.

Services Started at 11am, following the services Captain Himes was escorted through rows of saluting personnel to his unit Traffic 37 which would be transporting him grave side. The long procession drove through Parkesburg, East Fallowfield, down into Modena driving pass the station which was draped in black and his gear and favorite Floor Scrubber sat out front, the house siren blow 5 times welcoming him home, a Flag flown by the Coatesville Fire Department ladders arched the entrance to the cemetery.

At grave side it was time for one final salute to a man that gave his life to the fire service both to the Coatesville Fire Department in the late 70 early 80 and then here in Modena.

After a week of heavy rains the day turned out perfect and as Ronnie would have said that was one hell of a parade.

Rest Easy our friend we’ll take it from here, but we will never forget you.

The Modena Fire Company would like to Thank everyone for their condolences, beautiful flower, assistance with services and well wish during this extremely tough week.

Neighboring Fire Companies in attendance with apparatus on Friday were as follows:

Avondale Fire Company
Westwood Fire Company
Coatesville Fire Department
Thorndale Fire Company
West Bradford Fire Company
East Brandywine Fire Company
Wagontown Fire Company
East Whiteland Fire Company
Christiana Fire Company
Medic 93
Honeybrook Fire Company and Good Fellowship EMS (Stand by at our station)

Units: Ambulance 37-1, Ambulance 37-2, Engine 37-1, Engine 37-2, Engine 37-3, Traffic 37, Squad 37
Mutual Aid: 44, 38, 39, 41, 43, 49, 35, 5, 33, 55, Lanco 52, Chester County DES