Residential Rescue in Bradford Village Section of East Fallowfield
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
August 14, 2019

On Wednesday August 14, 2019 thew Modena Fire Company was alerted for a residential rescue on N. Danbury Circle in the Branford Village section of East Fallowfield.

Engine 37-2 was on the street for drivers training when the call came in, Lt Carro and Chief Engineer Cooper made the immediate response. On scene they had a young child 2 years of age that was locked in the house, the child was watching a movie and was in no immediate danger but at that young age couldn't follow commands to unlock door.

The crew throw a ladder to a open second floor window and gained access to the home and unlocked the door, following the incident the child was given a plastic fire helmet and mother and child posed for a picture with the crew and police.

Units: Engine 37-2