Ambulance Responds To Auto Accident In West Marlborough
By Modena Watchdesk
February 1, 2020

On February 1st, 2020 The Modena Fire Company Ambulance along with the Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company were dispatched to the area of Doe Run Road and West Road for an auto accident.

Ambulance 37-1 made the response and was advised by the Chester County 911 Center of icy roads in the area. As Ambulance 37-1 continued to the scene additional reports were received that more vehicles had struck the original vehicle involved in the crash with the total of 4 vehicles involved now. Chief 36 arrived and confirmed the icy roadways and 4 vehicles involved with everyone out of their respective vehicles.

Ambulance 37-1 arrived shortly after Chief 36 and started providing care to the injured subjects. Rescue 36 arrived and controlled the hazards and provided traffic control for responders on the scene. Ambulance 37-1 transported 1 subject to a local hospital for a further evaluation for injuries sustained from the accident.

The Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company remained on the scene with the State Police to await the local tow company.

Units: Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 37-1