Tree on House with Entrapment in East Fallowfield
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
April 30, 2020

On Thursday April 30, 2020 the Modena Fire Company was dispatched at 1435 hours to a report of a tree on a house with possible entrapment on Beechwood Drive in East Fallowfield.

Assistant 37(Bryant) was first to arrive on scene, he reported a large tree into a 2 /12 story dwelling and was confirming entrapment requesting a rescue company to assist. Deputy 37 (Corle) arrived and established Beechwood command and putting operation on West Opps 1.

Rescue 39 was alerted from the West Bradford Fire Company and made the immediate response.

Engine 37-1 arrived crews worked to gain access through the garage and assisted the residents that were working to self extricate themselves.

Thankfully the family of 4 was uninjured during the event.

Crews worked to secure utility's to the house before clearing the scene .

Amazing video surfaced on the internet that catches to scary moment when the tree comes down on the house, it is attached to view.

Units: Engine 37-1, Squad 37, Ambulance 37-1
Mutual Aid: Rescue 39