Dog's Found Alive the Next Morning in Bridle Path Lane House
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
July 26, 2015

This Morning as Chief Dowlin was finishing some paper work on last evenings fire, he received a call from the East Fallowfield PD saying "THIER ALIVE" the cop said the dog thought to have perished in the fire were alive in a second floor bedroom, and they need a ladder to get them.

Chief Dowlin had county dispatch for a crew for special assignment and responded over to the house.

Once at the house it was truly a great sight, standing at the rear of the house look through the large hole there they were tails a wagging looking down at its owners.

Engine 37-2 and it's large crew of 8 that were all just had to see it for themselves arrived and through a ladder to the second floor window. The dog would not come to window so Firefighter Charlie Johnston tied of to a rope and entered the unstable structure and made his way across the bedroom and grab the dog one by one taking them to Firefighter Justin Carlo who brought them down the ladder and past to their owners.

The dogs were amazingly both doing well and after a reunion with their owners were cleaned up a little and given water and food by neighbors and then spent some time running around the yard.

The event was truly a miracle to witness and our crews were glad to bring a little happiness to the family.

Units: Engine 37-2, Squad 37, Ambulance 37-1