ATV Accident and Fly Out in Newlin Township
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
April 9, 2017

On Sunday Afternoon around 1700 the Modena Fire Company along with Rescue 36 was alerted to a accident reported serious involving and ATV to the rear of 905 Laurel Road in Newlin Township.

Chief 37 made the response and was advised of one patient in serious condition that was about a mile in the woods to the rear of the dispatched address. Chief 37 then requested ATV 36 and 44.

Ambulance 37-1 and Chief 37 arrived and was advised by bystanders that the patient was being brought out of wood on a pickup truck.
After patient arrived to EMS a quick evaluation was done and the decision to fly the patient by helicopter was made, Jeffstat 3 was alerted.

37 and 36 personnel set up a landing zone across the street, Captain 37 was assigned LZO.

Jeffstat 3 arrived on scene and load patient a short time later, JeffStat 3 transported patient to Jefferson in Philadelphia.

Photos from Irisheyez Photographs

Units: Engine 37-1, Squad 37, Ambulance 37-1
Mutual Aid: Rescue 36, ATV 36, Utility 36, Medic 93,