Car Fire in South Coatesville Borough
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
July 22, 2017

Shortly after midnight Saturday July 22, 2017 the Modena Fire Company was dispatched to a reported car fire on Modena Road and Burton Alley in South Coatesville Borough.

Chief 37 made the response and was advised the car was found by police and they believed they had fire out with extinguishers.

Engine 37-1 with a crew of 5 and Ambulance 37-1 made the responses, Chief 37 arrived on scene with one vehicle smoldering.

Although police knocked the bulk of the fire out the wiring hardness was still being energized going to the batteries which on this vehicle were in the rear of the car. Crews had to force the trunk open as the car was abandoned and had no keys, the battery was then disconnected and the car was socked down again with water.

The vehicle was again found abandon along road however front end damage to the car indicated that it was in an accident prior to being found, the damage to the drivers front corner panel punchier the headlight hardness and shorted the electrical system out causing the fire.

The company cleared the scene around 0100 hours.

Photos courtesy of IrishEyez Photographs

Units: Engine 37-1, Ambulance 37-1