Kitchen Fire in South Coatesville
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
August 1, 2017

On Tuesday evening August 1, 2017 the Modena Fire Company was dispatched at 1749 to a reported dwelling fire in the 500 unit block of South 1st Avenue in South Coatesville Borough.

Also on the assignment was Coatesville, Westwood, Coatesville VA, and East Brandywine for Rapid Intervention.

Deputy 44 (Scott) was driving by the resident as the dispatch was going out and signed on scene reporting smoke showing. Chief 37 (Dowlin) arrived minutes later and took South First Ave Command.

Chief Scott reported fire to be out with extinguisher with ventilation needed. Command held the assignment to Ladder and Engine recalling the balance. Ladder 41-2 and Engine 37-1 arrived and went in service with positive pressure fans in all three apartments.

Ambulance 37-2 evaluated one resident that suffered burns, Fire Police from Modena and Coatesville closed road during incident.

Luckily the resident had both working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher and was able to get control of the situation quickly, without both this fire would have been much worse.

County Fire Marshalls were called to investigate, Modena units cleared the scene at 1854.

Units: Engine 37-1, Ambulance 37-2, Traffic 37
Mutual Aid: Ladder 41, Engine 43, Engine 44-5, Engine 76, Ladder 49 (RIT), and the safest traffic unit around Traffic 41