Fatal Accident in East Fallowfield Township
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
February 8, 2018

On Thursday February 8, 2018 the Modena Fire Company was alerted at 2044 to an auto accident at Buck Run Road and Strasburg Road in East Fallowfield Township. Also alerted was Medic 93 from Brandywine.

Chief 37 (Dowlin) went enroute and was advised the PD was requesting EMS to expedite, Medic 93 then advised Chester County to put a helicopter on stand-by.

Chief 37 arrived on scene and established Buck Run Command, Deputy 44 who was in the area then arrived on scene and advised Fire Radio to make a peco notification for a split pole.

EMS arrived and advised command to fly the helicopter this alerted Jeff Stat out of Brandywine, Engine 37-1 was directed to the East Fallowfield Park for the landing zone assignment, Lt37 (Lewis) took LZO.

Engine 37-3 arrived on scene and started controlling hazards and assisting EMS.

A second ambulance was alerted which was Ambulance 44, they arrived on scene and transported the driver from vehicle 2 to a local hospital.

Unfortunately, the driver of vehicle 1 subsided to his injuries on scene.

Jeff Stat was cancelled on scene and the Chester County Coroner was notified.

All roads around the intersection were closed for the investigation, additional Fire Police assisted on scene from the Keystone Valley Fire Department.

Units cleared the scene around 0015 Sunday Morning

Units: Engine 37-1, Engine 37-3, Squad 37, Traffic 37, Ambulance 37-1
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 44, Medic 93, Jeff Stat, Fire Police from Station 8
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