Company Attend Coatesville Christmas Parade and Receives First Place Award
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
December 7, 2019

On what some say is the Official kick off to the holiday season in the Coatesville area, the Annual Coatesville Christmas Parade was held on Saturday December 7th. The Parade began promptly at 10 am.

Modena was once again in attendance for this event, members gathered around 7 am to do some final touch up and decorating of apparatus. Once all was ready, crews and their family gather in front of the station for a photo opp before climbing aboard the units and proceeded to the lineup point on S. First Ave in the city where we were joined by multiple other mutual aid companies.

Prior to the parade, members mingled with the multiple companies that were in attendance. Using the time to talk with friends.

Then at 10 am the parade began going from First Ave. to Eleventh Ave along Lincoln Hwy. Once cleared the parade route the company returned to station.

Many of our volunteers worked hard the past few nights getting the apparatus wash, waxed, and shined up, this hard work paid off as Modena was awarded first place fire apparatus.

Modena Fire Police and Traffic 37 assisted with traffic control during the parade.

Thank you to Mark Walsh from IrishEyez photos for some of the pictures.

Modena would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Units: Command 37, Squad 37, Engine 37-1, Engine 37-2, Engine 37-3
Mutual Aid: 41, 43, 35, 44, 33, 38, 31