Company Places Order for New Command Vehicle
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
December 12, 2020

This past week the Modena Fire Company placed a order for a new Command 37.

The order was placed by New Holland Auto Group and will be a 2021 Ford Explorer (Police Interceptor Utility AWD), lighting and command box outfitting will be down by 10-8 Emergency Vehicle Service (New Holland), and lettering to be done by Tam Artz Design Studio (Thorndale).

The lighting will be a full undercover package with all forward facing lights having a scene override function, duel sirens (1 Standard & 1 Powercall), Gamber Johnson center console box with armrest, custom rear aluminum command cabinet with brackets for airpack, extinguishers, and hooks.

This unit will replace our 2003 Chevy Tahoe with over 105,000 miles which has been nickeling and diming the company over the past year and half or so, the current command unit was purchased from the Rocky Run Fire Company in 2017, this was the first command vehicle the company owned.

The new unit has an 8-12 week delivery from Ford and then time to outfit it, Expected delivery is sometime in March of 2021, stay tune for more pictures once it arrives.