Cat Rescue from Tree
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
January 22, 2021

On Friday January 22 2021 the Modena Fire Company received a public service call for a cat struck in a tree.

Serval company officers drove up to the residents to investigate the issue, Normally a cat stuck in a tree is not an emergency and the fire company don't get involved due to not having ladders big enough.

It was determined that the cat was in fact at a height that it could be gotten and the cat had been in this tree for days and appeared to be in some damager health wise with the pending forecast.

Crews returned to station to get an engine and back at scene deployed a ladder and was able to reach the cat, the cat without a fight clinged onto Firefighter Aguilera and was brought down the ladder safely.

After a quick photo op the cat was reunited with it very grateful owner.