Hoverboard Explodes Causing Property Damage to Residents
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
February 6, 2021

On Saturday evening February 6 2021 at 1940 the members of Modena Fire Company were dispatched to an unusual incident but one that isn't all that infrequent.

A hoverboard that was not in use but was being charged inside a residence suddenly exploded. Luckily the family was home at the time and acted quickly and removed the hoverboard from the residents.

The explosion caused some charring to the floor and wall and partially caught a dog bed on fire.

Members from Modena checked the residence with a thermal imaging camera to make sure nothing else was on fire and cleared all the smoke from the residence via natural ventilation.

If you have a hoverboard in your home please make sure you don't leave it charging for too long and never unintended.

Units: Engine 37-2