Back in the City for Early Morning Dwelling
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
February 16, 2021

In the early morning hours of February 16 2021 while most were sleep the Modena volunteers were back at just hours after the first working fire. This time crews were dispatched at 0238 to a reported dwelling in the 300 unit block of Community Lane in Coatesville.

Units responded and were advised of flames in basement from possible candle, City units arrived and reported a 2 story single family with smoke showing from division 2. Crew deployed two hand line one went to the C side and made entry through basement door, the second went in and held the fire at the basement steps.

Primary and secondary searches were completed and ventilation was done. The fire was brought under control with all units working.

Once under control and supply lines packed the incident was scaled down to city units and Engine 76 and Engine 37-2

Modena units cleared the scene and returned for clean up at 0506

Photo courtesy of IrishEyez Photography and Chesco fire rescue photography

Units: Engine 37-2, Command 37
Mutual Aid: 41, 43, 38, 35, 8, 76, 27