Engine Assist West Bradford on working Kitchen Fire
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
February 19, 2021

Once again volunteers were awoken in the early morning hours of February 19 2021 at 0145 hours, this time was to assist the West Bradford Fire Company on a reported dwelling fire at 1702 Butternut Circle.

Chief 51 arrived and confirmed house evacuated requesting a working fire dispatch for the working kitchen fire and establishing command.

West Bradford and West Chester units arrived and went in service with handline making a quick knock on the fire.

Engine 37-2 arrived its crew reported to manpower.

Engine 37-2 was later placed available on scene to cover the area.

Modena units returned at 0252

Photo courtesy of the First West Chester Fire Co. Facebook page

Units: Engine 37-2
Mutual Aid: 39, 51, 52, 53, 36