Company Pays Final Respects to Chief Lavender
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
March 20, 2021

On what would be a very tough day for our members, the company traveled to Coatesville to pay final respects to Chief Lavender.

The day started early with members gathering at the station around 6am to do final touch ups to the apparatus and set up table in the engine bays for the wake with the family afterwards.

The company departed to Hunts Funeral home in Coatesville around 0800 once at Hunts members performed honor guard throughout the viewing. Following the service it was time to load Chief Lavender onto Engine 37-2 for one last ride.

With personnel lining the walk ways saluting Chief Lavender casket was carried out of the funeral home and loaded on to the engine.

A preseason followed leaving Hunts and immediately going under a flag arch set up by the Coatesville Fire Department proceeding through Coatesville, South Coatesville into Modena, At the station Chief Lavenders gear sat on a chair out front and the house siren was activated during the drive bye.

Following the services family and Fire Department personnel gathered at the station for a meal and shared stories of John into the afternoon.

The Modena Fire Company like to Thank everyone that reached out during this tough time, a special Thanks to the Honeybrook Fire Company who was unable to attend the funeral due to prior commitment but send a crew down the Modena on Friday all day to help clean. Also to the East Brandywine Fire Company for providing the standby throughout the day.

Other Fire company's in attendance at the funeral were as follows

Washington Hose Company
West End Fire Company
Keystone Valley
Wagontown Fire Company
Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company

Photos courtesy of IrishEyez Photog