Working House Fire in East Fallowfield
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
April 27, 2021

On Tuesday April 27, 2021 the Modena Fire Company along with mutual aid was dispatched at 1658 to a reported house fire at 104 Clearfield Ln in East Fallowfield Township.

Deputy 44 (Scott) was first to arrive reporting a 2 story single family with smoke showing from division 2 side A. Chief 37 (Dowlin) arrived and established Clearfield command and assigning the working channel as West Ops 1.

Units arrived on scene and crew deployed a hand line to the fire floor quickly making a knock on the fire and holding it to the room of origin, the truck company deployed multiple ladders, and ventilation was done.

The assignment was held to Modena, Westwood and Coatesville units.

Photos courtesy of IrishEyez Photog

Units: Engine 37-1, Engine 37-2, Ambulance 37-1, Command 37
Mutual Aid: Engine 44-5, Micu 44-1, Ladder 41-1, Engine 43-1