Engine & Ambulance Assist on Working House Fire in West Brandywine
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
July 21, 2021

Around noon on Wednesday July 21, 2021 Ambulance 37-2 was alerted to assist Wagontown on a house fire with multiple burn patients in West Brandywine. Shortly after that the company was dispatched for a Engine to relocate station 35.

Ambulance 37-2 arrived and assisted with patient care and later transported to local hospital. All in all 6 members of the family were taken to local hospitals ether by ground or by air medical.

Engine 37-2 w/6 responded and as they were arriving at station 35 got redirected to the fire scene for manpower. Crews arrived and assisted with fire suppression activity's.

This was a challenging fire from the start handled well by all, sadly this family lost everything and has a long road to recovery, we ask everyone to keep them in your thoughts and prays.

Modena units returned to station around 5pm.

Some photos courtesy of IrishEyez Photog

While operating at this fire we were covered by Engine 25-2 (Longwood) on a fire alarm in Newlin Township, we thank them for their assistance.

Units: Engine 37-2, Ambulance 37-2
Mutual Aid: Fire Units from 35, 49, 33, 48, 44, 76, 46, 69, 31, 8, 73, 47, 21, 27, 25, 36, 39, 7 Lancaster County Companies, 1 Berks County Company, Ems Companies from 44, 93, 55, 46, 21, Helicopters JeffStat and Penn Star X2