Members Attend Church Service in Appreciation at New Life in Christ Fellowship Church
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
November 24, 2021

November 24, 2021, immediately after getting unit cleaned up to get the company back in service from the brush fire in the city, seven members of the company attended a church service to honor those in our Police, Fire, and EMS. (unfortunately time didn't allow them to clean their selves up and put uniforms on, so they went as is)

We received an invitation to this service by the Ministers Alliance of Coatesville and Vicinity, Inc. during this wondaful service the ministers and congregation paid respects to those lost from Covid-19 and sent prays to the lord for allowing use to get back to some sense of normal this Thanksgiving and be able to gather once again with family and friend.

Toward the end of the service they honored all Police, Fire, EMS, front line workers for their service to their communities during not only Covid-19 but Hurricane Ida back in September.

Representative of all organizations in attendance were called to the front to receive a certificate of appreciation from the Ministers Alliance, Chief Dowlin excepted the for Fire and President Corle excepted the EMS.

The Officers and Members of the Modena Fire Company would once again like to Thank the Ministers Alliance of Coatesville and Vicinity for inviting us to attend tonight's services it was wonderful, We like to wish everyone a happy and health Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.