Search Detail in South Coatesville
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
May 15, 2022

On Sunday May 15th 2022, Chief Dowlin was notified of a reported missing lady in the area of Bay Street in South Coatesville.

Chief Dowlin went and meant with PSP and the family to get a photo of the young lady, It was decided that a search party would be need so Modena crews along with neighboring ATV's were dispatched at 1315 hours.

The search was on for a 32 year old which was last seen at 1030 last night, this young lady is said to be intellectually disabled and unable to make decisions and very emotional.

Fire, EMS, and the Family of the missing search for hours through the woods, abandon houses, streets, and developments. Unfortunately there was no signs of the young lady.

Assisting in the search were drones from Irish Eyez, and Friendship Fire Company Diving-Rescue Unit which mapped the area and used infrared camera's to search, also multiple dogs from the sheriffs office and other agenesis were brought in to track the scent.

Finally at 2100 hours with the loss of day light the search was called off by PSP, they would continue investigating and tracking in the morning.

Thankfully about 48 hours after the young lady was last seen, contact was made with the family notifying them that she was found and safe (no further details will be released).

The Modena Fire Company would like to thank the following neighboring fire companies for their assistance through the day.

Westwood Fire Company (44)
Wagontown Fire Company (35)
Thorndale Fire Company (38)
Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company (36)
Cleveland-Cliffs Fire Department (75)
Friendship Fire Company Diving-Rescue Unit (77)

Units: Command 37, Ambulance 37-1, Brush 37, Utility 37, Engine 37-2, Drone 37 (Irish Eyez)
Mutual Aid: Traffic 44, ATV 44, Command 44, Utility 35, ATV 35, Command 35, Utility 36, ATV 36, Utility 38, ATV 38, Utility 75, Drones 77-1&2