2 Alarm House Fire in City of Coatesville
By Deputy Chief Christopher Corle Jr.
September 11, 2022

Engine Company 37 was alerted to assist the City of Coatesville Fire Department at box number 4138 (500 Block of Chestnut St) for a report of a structure fire. Ladder Company 41 from the Washington Hose Company arrived on the scene with smoke from the structure. Engine Company 37 responded with four (4) firefighters on Engine 37-2 and three (3) firefighters on Engine 37-1. Engine Companies 35 (Wagontown Fire Co), 38 (Thorndale Fire Co), 76 (Veterans Affairs Fire Department), and Ladder 8 (Keystone Valley Fire Department) also made the initial response.

Upon arrival, crews from both engines from Company 37 were split per command to assist in fire suppression, ventilation, and search of the structure. Due to the volume of fire, Chief 43 (Steve Dobson) of the Coatesville Fire Department ordered a second (2nd) alarm to bring in additional units for suppression, search, and ventilation. Firefighters suppressed the fire and searches of the structure proved negative. All hands were on the scene for just over two hours.

Units: Ladder 41, Engine 43
Mutual Aid: Engine 35, Engine 37, Engine 38, Engine 76, Ladder 8