Company Signs Contract with Midwest Fire for New Tanker 37
By Fire Chief Frank Dowlin
July 10, 2023

On the evening of Monday, July 10, 2023, a significant gathering took place as members of a Modena Fire Company convened with distinguished guests to sign a contract for a new tanker.

The event was initiated by Chief Dowlin, who warmly welcomed the esteemed guests, including Mayor Mike Harvey, Council President Jen Daywalt, State Representative Dan Williams, and Senator Carolyn Comitta.

Chief Dowlin provided a succinct overview of the journey leading up to this momentous occasion. He expressed his gratitude to Jen Daywalt for her instrumental role in securing the grant that made this possible, and to Representative Williams and Senator Comitta for their unwavering support and advocacy.

The Chief also shared insights into the decision-making process that led to the selection of Midwest Fire as their partner, highlighting the advantages of this collaboration. However, an unexpected turn of events occurred when an emergency alert for a fire in Coatesville City interrupted the proceedings. The guests watched in awe as the crew swiftly donned their gear and vacated the premises to attend to their duty.

Once the initial flurry of activity subsided, Chief Dowlin resumed his address, detailing the specifications of the new truck to the remaining attendees.

The moment of truth arrived when President Corle, flanked by the guests, Chief Dowlin, and Vice President/Assistant Chief Bryant, officially ordered Tanker 37 with a stroke of her pen.

Tanker 37, scheduled for delivery in January 2025, boasts impressive specifications. It will be a 2024 Kenworth T480 equipped with a 450 hp Paccar PX-9 Engine, capable of carrying 3000 gallons of water, and featuring a 1250 pump and roll capability Darnley pump, among other features.

Following the signing, Representative Williams and Senator Comitta took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the team for their invaluable service to the community. In a touching gesture, Senator Comitta presented Jen Daywalt with a proclamation, acknowledging her significant contributions to the community, with the new tanker being just one of her many achievements.

This event marked a significant milestone for the company and the community it serves, demonstrating the power of collaboration and the unwavering dedication of those who serve their communities.

The new apparatus, Tanker 37, will feature the following specifications:

Model: 2024 Kenworth T480
Engine: 450 hp Paccar PX-9
Water Capacity: 3000 gallons
Pump: Darnley pump with 1250 pump and roll capability
Pre-connects: Two single stack pre-connects, each 200ft
Booster Line: 100 ft 1in booster line
Hose Bed: Capable of accommodating 500ft of 3in supply line
Dump Valve: 10in side and rear electronic dump valve with cab control and cameras
Lighting: Whelen light package, 46in Fire Tech brow light, and Pioneer Scene lights
Siren: Q2B siren complemented by an electric Power Call siren
Portable Tank: 3000 PORT-A-TANK
Storage: Wheel well storage for SCBA, spare bottles, and extinguishers.