Friends and Family Day at Firefighters 1 Class
By Modena Editor
April 14, 2024

On Sunday April 14, 2024 many officers and members went to the Public Training Center in South Coatesville to attend friends & family day at the Spring Firefighting 1 class being held by Chester County.

Firefighter Keanu Mullen has been attending this class that started back in February , learning all the basic skills that a firefighter needs , this class requires all students to attend classes two nights a week and all most every weekend for three month straight.

When students finish this class they receive the following certificates Firefighting 1, Haz-mat, Basic First aid, CPR, and have the opportunity to challenge the nation test for Fire 1.

Friends & Family day gives all the parents, significant others, and friends the opportunity to come see what the students have learned for the past three months. In some cases family and friend don't understand what a firefighter has to do to become trained and in these cases when they attend this day they get overwhelmed with what they see.

Officer and members of the active crew have been working with Keanu since he joined the company earlier this year getting him ready for this class, it was great to see just how far he’s come the past couple months.

Chief Corle and the rest of the officers would like to again thank not only Keanu but all the students for their commitment and dedication to this class and wish them the best of luck in the upcoming test.

Graduation for this class is set for May 22, 2024