Members Recognized by East Fallowfield Township for Clinical Life Saving Achievements.
By President Frank Dowlin
June 26, 2024

Last Evening at the East Fallowfield Township public meeting, EMS personnel and Firefighters from Modena — along with our colleagues from Westwood EMS Station 44 and the East Fallowfield Township Police Department — were recognized by the Board of Supervisors for two recent incidents in the Township which resulted in clinical life-saving achievements of two local residents who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Although there are many difficult and critical incidents that our personnel respond to each and every day, one of these calls in April involved Fire Police Lieutenant & Trustee of the Modena Fire Company which immediately escalates the incident mentally on responder like you won't believe. However this individual is alive today and returning to work next week thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Fire and EMS personnel from Modena and Paramedics from Westwood EMS.

East Fallowfield Township is one of five municipalities in which is served by the Modena Fire Company and an addition municipality serviced by our EMS service. The Township’s Fire & EMS tax supports our financial needs to make successful outcomes like these possible.

We are extremely proud of all of our dedicated and talented volunteer members and career staff personnel from both companies who change lives on a daily basis.

We want to thank several residents in attendance for their kind words and ongoing support and the Board of Supervisors for recognizing these life-saving individuals this evening! ❤️